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How could I add ObjectCollection items to an IList(Of SomeType)? I have tried with:

For Each obj As SomeType In listBox.Items 'ObjectCollection
    MyObject.ItProperty.Add(obj) 'IList

No success. Thank you.

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I think you're missing some text. It ends with "I have tried with:". –  Pieter van Ginkel Nov 12 '10 at 11:50
I've change that. Sorry and thank you. –  thom Nov 12 '10 at 11:54
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2 Answers

If possible, the non-generic IList interface would be the simplest approach:

IList list = (IList)MyObject.ItProperty;

Otherwise, you will have to:

  • find the appropriate T (using reflection)
  • resolve the Add method from IList<T> (using reflection)
  • invoke the Add method (using reflection)

that reflection, especially on generics, is not nice.

As an alternative - if you have 4.0 you could try using dynamic, but note this only sees the public API. Worth a try though (only if IList fails):

dynamic list = MyObject.ItProperty;
list.Add(obj); // let's hope Add isn't an explicit interface implementation
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Can you add some details about what fails and where? Your code should work.

If you are getting an exception "Unable to cast object of type 'XXX' to type 'SomeType'." at the "For Each obj " line, then there is at least an item in the listBox.Items collection that is not of type 'SomeType'.

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