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I have just built a website on asp.net, I am using a master page for most of my web pages, Just need to know some tips and tricks for SEO, so it should atleast comes up in first 4 pages on google search engine, I have also used URL which works as a keyword for that particulat page. Need some advice or techniques to make it easier for the google search engine. Also need to know about using keywords on master page.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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First there is little trickery in seo, and if you dont know what you are doing, dont bother trying to trick Google.

SEO a simple process.

• Do Keyword research - Google Keyword Tool - https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

• Make sure your keywords are in your page titles (and titles are uniqe on ever page), your internal navigation links, and in the pages content you want to rank.

• Get other real quality websites to link to your website. The more (quality) links you have the higher you will rank in Google. (THIS IS THE REAL CREATIVE BIT!!)

There's a lot of nuance in SEO, but those are the basics and if you didn't know anything else, repeating the above ad nauseam will see you through.

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Besides the usual tricks that you can find at the internet (just google it) you have to take into account the load time of your page. This is a new factor which google is taking into account. For knowing your load time you can use firebug or yslow (both plugins for your browser).

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  • avoid repeated title for all pages
  • word density in the content (research it using adwords tools)
  • try to cache as much as you can content to improve your speed (google take it in account)
  • follow the webmaster tool (google.com/webmasters). You should add your website, and for SEO it is a must
  • every link should be a permalink
  • link building
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