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I have an ActionFixture that is compiled into a x86 dll. When I run the test from fitnesse test starts but never finishes. Is there any way to get fitnesse to run a dll compiled as x86?

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If you compile your dll's as 32 bit (x86) you may encounter problems when running fitnesse tests using the fsharp runner.exe. The solution I have used to resolve the problem is to run corflags.exe against the runner.exe. This will effectively change the runner to a 32 bit application. corflags comes as part of the Windows Development SDK which can be downloaded off the Microsoft website.

corflags runner.exe /32BIT+
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Not sure what's happening. Run with the GUI runner and see if you get an exception. See http://www.asoftwarecraft.com/2010/01/troubleshooting-with-fitsharp-and.html

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Mike, I didn't give the most accurate description of the issue above. (Maybe because it was late on Friday and I was already thinking of the weekend). I did actually get an exception message which was a BadImageException. Which is why I mention x86 above. I have found a solution and will post the answer below –  Andrew Nov 15 '10 at 7:46
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