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In my iphone app, the Sqlite database has 6000 entries. Is there a way to insert the data in one shot or may be in fewer number of shots.

I did try pasting the insert statements in Terminal in MAC OS but at a time only 15-20 statements get executed correctly.

How can we insert it at one go?

What should I do?

Please Suggest

Please Help


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I had to insert over 500,000 entries and was no problem. I did not do it on the terminal because I had troubles with non-ASCII characters (e.g. Umlaute). So I always used the firefox sqlite add-in. That worked pretty good. I pasted the prepared insert script into the box provided and pressed "execute". Then it took a couple of seconds and it was done. Later I had to calculate some values before inserting so I wrote a little objective-c program and that also worked well. If you like I can dig up the code.

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Thanks i will try that.Hope it works.Thanks Jurgen :] – Parth Bhatt Nov 12 '10 at 13:00
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Try using a sqlite manager (an add-on of Mozilla Firefox Web Browser) Where you can paste a pre created bunch of insert queries for 6000 items and execute them in one shot.This may help you I suppose

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