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I don't have any expirience in regex with php (just some copy/pasting for simple tasks) so I can't 'solve' simple situatio, and I hope that somone can help.

I have a lage files that look like:


Now i need in php to write function where passed string with content like this will return me part that I marked here as 'xxx...' After every 'xxxx...' sequence at file begin, I have as you can see new line (\r\n) and I don't know how to use regex to to cut upper part into another string, so please help.

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If the only part of the string separated by two new lines is the header series of 'xxxx' and the following 'text,text,text' lines, you could simply use explode. Passing a limit of 2 means it will only explode at the first instance of "\n\n", returning an array of at most 2 items:

list($header, $body) = explode("\n\n", $file_contents, 2);
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Small problem is that in MOST files it is only new line, but in some there few other down in file, anycase I need just to cut from beginning to FIRST NEW line, after that I don't need anything, so this will work, but is there better way to match just first new line ? anycase thanks for answer! –  Sam Nov 12 '10 at 13:39
@Sam You can add a limit of 2 to the explode, which insures that all double-newlines after the first are ignored. See updated answer. –  meagar Nov 12 '10 at 14:32

I'd skip the regex.

$eol = strpos($s, "\r\n");
$header = substr($s, 0, $eol);
$rest = substr($s, $eol + 2); 
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