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Using java awt, how to make the code draw a border for a circle. The henceforth code has performance issues, and maybe it would run faster if it just painted the outline.

g.fillOval(gameLogic.getParticleXCoor(i) - 3, gameLogic.getParticleYCoor(i) - 3, gameLogic.getParticleSize(i) + 6, gameLogic.getParticleSize(i) + 6); g.setColor(gameLogic.getParticleColor(i)); g.fillOval(gameLogic.getParticleXCoor(i), gameLogic.getParticleYCoor(i), gameLogic.getParticleSize(i), gameLogic.getParticleSize(i));

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You could try drawOval instead of fillOval.

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if it makes you happy –  comp sci balla Nov 12 '10 at 15:35

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