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Please tell me, are there limitations of maximum records per node within Basic license? For example i can store only max 10M records per Basic license? Or record count is unlimited by Basic license?

Thank you!

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There's no size limitations on any version. There once was, and that information is still floating around ...

For more information, ask someone here.

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You can use the community edition in the same way that you would use MySQL.

From http://www.neotechnology.com/price-list/

If you don’t need any of the reliability features in the Advanced or Enterprise editions, then you’re free to use the Community edition of Neo4j Server under a GPL license – which means you can use it anywhere you would use something like MySQL. Used in this way, only changes you make to the Neo4j software itself should be open-sourced and shared with the community.

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Looks like Neo4j community is as good as Neo4j enterprise edition (w.r.t features), only difference you cannot use it in closed source applications http://neotechnology.com/price-list

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Now there is a section on Neo4j.org, see http://www.neo4j.org/learn/licensing

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