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Please tell me, are there limitations of maximum records per node within Basic license? For example i can store only max 10M records per Basic license? Or record count is unlimited by Basic license?

Thank you!

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It is asking about the licensing of the third part product that is liable to change and be inaccurate. – ArtB May 25 '15 at 20:14
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There's no size limitations on any version. There once was, and that information is still floating around ...

For more information, ask someone here.

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You can use the community edition in the same way that you would use MySQL.


If you don’t need any of the reliability features in the Advanced or Enterprise editions, then you’re free to use the Community edition of Neo4j Server under a GPL license – which means you can use it anywhere you would use something like MySQL. Used in this way, only changes you make to the Neo4j software itself should be open-sourced and shared with the community.

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Looks like Neo4j community is as good as Neo4j enterprise edition (w.r.t features), only difference you cannot use it in closed source applications

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Now there is a section on, see

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