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So my question is around a complete AJAX driven website with a powerful / normal Codeigniter backend.

What I want to do is when a user comes to:


The main view is rendered based on the value after the #. I want to route my request based on the value after the # symbol and pretend in Codeigniter that everything is normal, do the processing that it would do and then send the output as a "response" to the AJAX request.

How would one go about making this happen? Any suggestions? Ideas on how to architect the application?

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what is Codeigniter –  kobe Nov 12 '10 at 15:47
@gov CodeIgniter is a PHP framework..probably one of the best around. codeigniter.com –  treeface Nov 12 '10 at 17:55

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I like Sammy for this: "Sammy is a tiny javascript framework built on top of jQuery. It’s RESTful Evented JavaScript."

Example from the website:

$.sammy(function() {

  this.get('#/', function() {

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check out pathjs. It defines roots based on the # http://mtrpcic.github.io/pathjs/hashtag_basic.html#/about

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