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I'm trying to know if a class is an Enum, but I think I'm missing something:

if (test.MyEnum.class instanceof Enum<?>.class)
 obj = resultWrapper.getEnum(i, test.MyEnum.class);
 obj = resultWrapper.getObject(i);

It gives me an error saying that Enum.class is not valid. So how I can check if a class is a Enum? I'm pretty sure it is possible to determine that, I'm just unable to get it.


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The correct syntax would be:


but for enums, here is a more convenient method:

if (someObject.getClass().isEnum()))


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If you're talking about Java 5 new feature - enum (it's not very new actually), then this is the way to go:

if (obj.getClass().isEnum()) {


If Enum is your custom class, then just check that obj instanceof Enum.

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