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We are looking at replacing a proprietary calendar control. I've looked at scal http://scal.fieldguidetoprogrammers.com but styling is weak and it's not functional enough for day-spanning events or concurrent events in the day view. Feyasoft.com has a ExtJs based ajax calendar that looks great but its not open source.

Thanks in advance

Update: this question is looking for 'a view of calendar items like outlook web access would do', not a UI control for selecting a date.

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feyasoft is now dual licensed using GPL v3.... –  ftrotter May 19 '10 at 1:16

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You could try ripping out the calendar part of one of the open-source Ajaxy groupware projects, such as Zimbra, Bongo, Horde or Zarafa.

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Maybe DayPilot - Open-Source Outlook-Like Calendar/Scheduling Control for ASP.NET will help you.

The open-source version of DayPilot (DayPilot Lite) does not have AJAX features, but features like day view, work week view, week view, highlighting of business hours, etc.

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It seems there are lots of date pickers -- I don't want a date picker at all. Both the answers above are date picker controls.

I am looking for a ajax control that can render a view of calendar items like outlook web access would do (for example).

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You should add this to the question. –  Sean Jan 6 '09 at 15:22

Feyasoft.com has a really great extjs based calendar application - seems recently they just made it as open source and downloadable. I just try it and seems it work well for me - look like google calendar. Good luck.

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We use these guys: http://arshaw.com/fullcalendar

It's free, open source and easy to implement - though you do need to implement data editing yourself.

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We use the jQuery UI Datepicker.

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Have you looked at YUI Calendar Control (from Yahoo)? It is open source and seems to have a lot of functionality. All of their controls are very well documented.

The questioner is asking for a full calendar, not just a date picker. The linked page says this:

you may also find that the Calendar's foundation classes are a good place to start for more complex interfaces that visually organize date-tagged information (like appointments, photos, events, etc.)

I am not aware of any full ajax calendars (like an open source Google Calendar), but it seems like this control might be a good place to start if you wanted to roll your own.

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If a widget-based (web service) solution would work, you might consider InstantCal: http://instantcal.com

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with InstantCal

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use www.web2cal.com. It is the best for customization and creating ajax events calendar.

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Try this: http://www.cubedrive.com/myCalendar

The best calendar open source I have seen, it has repeat type of events (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc) which are our needs.

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