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How can I use a specific ModelForm as the form for my modelformset_factory?

I'm using django-form-utilities to have a BetterModelForm, and I would like to use that same form as the basis of my formset. I have thought that I could write my own custom factory that extends formset, but I was guessing there is an easier way

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There is no need to extend native modelformset_factory(). Look at the definition of this function in the django's source code:

def modelformset_factory(model, form=ModelForm, formfield_callback=None,
    extra=1, can_delete=False, can_order=False,
    max_num=None, fields=None, exclude=None)

You can just pass your custom modelform via form parameter, but not the actual instance - you need to pass the form ref itself, so use ie. MyModelForm insted of MyModelForm().

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