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I have a project that uses the built-in IntelliJ build system. What's the quickest/best way to migrate the project to Maven?

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What's the quickest/best way to migrate the project to Maven?

Manually. Here is what I would do (I would personally use the command line):

  • create a parallel (potentially multi-modules) project structure using archetype(s)
  • declare dependencies for the jars you're using (not all of them, you'll get some transitively)
  • move sources and resources to the new structure
  • test the build
  • import the project back into your IDE
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IDEA understands Maven very well. Unfortunately it does not create Maven configuration for you.

You'll have to write pom.xml yourself. The complexity of this depend on the structure of you project and frameworks/libraries that you use.

For me the easiest way is to create a new project based on artifact and then copy existing source files into it. You can do this in IDEA:

  1. File -> New project -> Create project from Scratch
  2. Choose Maven module, Next
  3. Check Create from Artifact: a list of available artifact will show. Choose one based on libraries/frameworks you use. You can also add one if it's not on the list (search the web).
  4. When project setup is done, start copying sources.
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