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I am wondering where and when fluent interfaces are a good idea, so I am looking for examples. So far I have found only 3 useful cases, e.g. Ruby's collections, like

unique_words ="words.txt").downcase.split.sort.uniq.length

and Fest (Java) for unit testing:


and JMock. Do you know of any other good examples that use a fluent interface?

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jQuery. :)

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My Dog! jQuery IS always the answer! – Kawa Jul 25 '09 at 18:50

StringBuilder: Or

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RSpec. Example from the home page:

# bowling_spec.rb
require 'bowling'

describe Bowling do
  before(:each) do
    @bowling =

  it "should score 0 for gutter game" do
    20.times { @bowling.hit(0) }
    @bowling.score.should == 0
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  1. Ninject:
  2. For an example that doesn't come from general-purpose libraries, I built an automated regression suite for a configuration wizard. I created a state machine that fills in values on a wizard page, verifies those values are acceptable, then moves on to the next page. The code for each step in the state machine looks like:


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