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Using NetBeans IDE and Glassfish Server. For some reason I can't get a DataSource injected (have tried a million variations).

private DataSource iserver;
@Resource(name="jdbc/iserver", type=DataSource.class)
public void setIServer(DataSource dataSource) {
    this.iserver = dataSource;

(I already tried adding @Resource annotation directly to the field). The connection pool and jdbc resource are configured on Glassfish, and for the time being, I have added the workaround code (in the same class):

ctx = new InitialContext();
iserver = (DataSource) ctx.lookup("jdbc/iserver");

The workaround code works perfectly. I don't see any obvious relevant errors in Glassfish log. I do see this, but not sure it's related:

*name cannot be null at javax.management.ObjectName.construct(ObjectName.java:405) * at javax.management.ObjectName.(ObjectName.java:1403) at org.glassfish.admingui.common.handlers.ProxyHandlers.getRuntimeProxyAttrs(ProxyHandlers.java:289) at org.glassfish.admingui.common.handlers.ProxyHandlers.getProxyAttrs(ProxyHandlers.java:273) at ...

Any suggestions?

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Make sure you're in a session bean or injection won't work.

Here's an example of how I inject

@Resource(name="jdbc/my_db") private DataSource dataSource;
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Thanks for your response. I'm totally new to this - when you say "make sure you're in a session bean", where exactly does that need to be specified (eg. does my class have to extend SessionBean?) –  Sam Goldberg Nov 15 '10 at 0:37
Injection only works if you're within a session bean not a pojo (plain ol java object). So, if you're injecting you need to be in a class that implements your remote interface i.e.: @Stateless(mappedName = "YourSessionBean") public class YourSessionBean implements YourSessionRemote { –  Preston Nov 15 '10 at 16:28
Thanks a lot! I appreciate the clarification. –  Sam Goldberg Nov 15 '10 at 23:13
Did you get it working? –  Preston Nov 15 '10 at 23:37

Choose the option "name" by "lookup" -->

@Resource(lookup = "java:global/env/jdbc/__default")
DataSource dataSource;
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