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I'm trying to analyze a Linux kernel panic on openSUSE 11.3 using kdump and the crash utility. The system is successfully creating the vmcore file, but when I go to analyze it, crash complains about the lack of symbols.

# crash -s vmlinux-2.6.34-12-desktop.gz vmcore
crash: vmlinux-2.6.34-12-desktop.gz: no debugging data available
crash: vmlinux-2.6.34-12-desktop.debug: debuginfo file not found

crash: either install the appropriate kernel debuginfo package, or
       copy vmlinux-2.6.34-12-desktop.debug to this machine

The system is running a stock desktop kernel

# uname -r

and has the kernel-devel and kernel-desktop-devel packages installed. Does some other package have the debug symbols (similar to Red Hat's kernel-debuginfo rpm) or is there another approach / kernel I should be using?

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The symbols for openSUSE are named similarly to Red Hat and variants (CentOS, Fedora, ...) but live in a different repository. For this example, the vmlinux symbols are in the kernel-desktop-devel-debuginfo package, but practically, you'd probably also want to grab the kernel-desktop-debuginfo for the module symbols.

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Load the "kernel-debug-devel" package for your kernel.

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The system has all the kernel-*-devel packages installed including debug, but do you mean I need to be running the debug kernel (/boot/vmlinuz- as well? – ctuffli Nov 12 '10 at 21:34
You said you were running "2.6.34-12" - the debug kernel listed was "". So if you only have debug symbols for that kernel - you need to run it - but make sure you have modules for it installed too. – Brad Nov 13 '10 at 3:33
My apologies, was a cut-n-paste error; everything is in fact 2.6.34-12. I installed the debug kernel, but pointing crash at /boot/vmlinux-2.6.34-12-debug.gz gives the same "no debugging data available" error. – ctuffli Nov 17 '10 at 23:18

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