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Is there any Perl script to get the pages from a PDF file and convert the same to another PDF file?

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You asked for Perl, so here's a good solution via CAM::PDF. Say you just want pages 3-6 of orig.pdf to be saved to new.pdf: orig.pdf 1-2,7- new.pdf
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~$ pdftk multi-page.pdf burst
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On OS X you can just do this in Preview, by dragging pages in the thumbnail view.

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As gnud already answered, pdftk is the best tool for the job. For example, to extract pages 5-10 from test.pdf to out.pdf you would write:

pdftk test.pdf cat 5-10 output out.pdf
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The code given by Andreas didn't work for me. If using Pdftk, on Windows this formula worked for me :

pdftk source.pdf cat 123-128 output out.pdf dont_ask

Source being obviously the source pdf, 123-128 the intervall of pages to extract and out.pdf the new pdf.

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I believe in actual code...This code may be useful for you :

use CAM::PDF;

my $file_name="abc.pdf";

my $pdf = CAM::PDF ->new($file_name); my $no_pages=$pdf->numPages();

for(my $i=1;$igetPageText($i); print "$page\n"; # may u can read it an array/etc...manipulation can be done here }

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Sorry, but I have to downvote this answer even though I'm the author of CAM::PDF. getPageText() is just about the worst possible way to approach this problem. Instead, try the extractPages() method in CAM::PDF or the wrapper program that comes with the library. – Chris Dolan May 31 '11 at 20:08

Interactively, there is the full version of Acrobat. Programatically there is the Acrobat SDK from Adobe and lots of 3rd party solutions. Google Acrobat API.

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