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Come on, I know this is simple, but I can't find an answer. When I autocomplete in Android in Eclipse, the methods get param names like arg0, arg1, etc. Presumably, this would be better if I had source or something for Android located somewhere, but there are 14,000 git repositories for it and I don't know which to grab or what to do after.

Can someone help?? I don't want "View arg0" I want "View v" or something. :-)

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I mean seriously, come, on –  Falmarri Nov 12 '10 at 22:24
@Falmarri: What's wrong with the question? –  Adam Paynter Nov 12 '10 at 23:41
This question is so legit, I googled it 2.5 years later and realized it was mine. If you find it satisfactory that autocompleted code shows arg0, I'd hate to know what your code looks like. –  ZaBlanc May 13 '13 at 20:48

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You are correct that adding the Android source will solve this problem for you. There are two options, you can follow the instructions to download the source, or alternatively, you can download a jar file from someone who has done the work for you. This bug report has links to various versions of the source.

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Adding Android source solved it for me. –  Mohammad Walid Jul 19 at 3:38

You can use an Eclipse plugin created by some google devs (iiuc) on google code. Just use this update site in Eclipse and it will provide an android sources to all of your projects.

Slightly more info is available here (search this page for "Android Source")

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The question is too old but still there is no answer.

see here

I think it is what you were looking for.

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