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I need to modify the contents of the child rows of a hierarchical Infragistics web grid when it is expanded. I can get the parent row from "e.Row" in the following code. But how do I get its child rows to edit?

For that matter, how can I get the rows from any band other than band 0?

protected void CustomerActivitiesGrid_ExpandRow(object sender, RowEventArgs e)
   UltraGridRow expandedRow = e.Row;
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It's quite easy, just access the row's rows.

foreach(UltraGridRow childRow in e.Row.Rows)
    // your code

Subsequently, you can access the children rows of those rows the same way


You can also access a specific row using its key

UltraGridRow specificChildRow = e.Row.Rows.FromKey("ChildRowKey");
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Brilliant, thanks. Do you know how to just get all of the rows form band 1? – Baffled by ASP.NET Jan 6 '09 at 15:31
Get the grid control (FindControl(...) or whatever, then just use grid.Rows) – mbillard Jan 6 '09 at 15:40

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