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In my web application I have an image uploading module. I want to check the uploaded file whether it's an image file or any other file. I am using Java in server side.

The image is read as BufferedImage in java and then I am writing it to disk with ImageIO.write()

How shall I check the BufferedImage, whether it's really an image or something else?

Any suggestions or links would be appreciated.

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Your best bet is to look at the file extension, there is no 100% method to determine whether a file is an image or not. –  Claptrap Nov 12 '10 at 22:44
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I'm assuming that you're running this in a servlet context. If it's affordable to check the content type based on just the file extension, then use ServletContext#getMimeType().

String fileName = uploadedFile.getFileName();
String mimeType = getServletContext().getMimeType(fileName);
if (mimeType.startsWith("image")) {
    // It's an image.

The default mime types are definied in the web.xml of the servletcontainer in question. In for example Tomcat, it's located in /conf/web.xml. You can extend/override it in the /WEB-INF/web.xml of your webapp as follows:


But this doesn't prevent you from users who are fooling you by changing the file extension. If you'd like to cover this as well, then you can also determine the mime type based on the actual file content. You can do that by sniffing the file headers. Consider using a 3rd party library to do all the work, for example JMimeMagic or Apache Tika:

InputStream input = uploadedFile.getInputStream();
String mimeType = Magic.getMagicMatch(input, false).getMimeType();
if (mimeType.startsWith("image")) {
    // It's an image.

That said, you don't necessarily need the Java 2D API stuff (BufferedImage, ImageIO, etc) to save the uploaded image to disk. Just writing the obtained InputStream to any OutputStream like FileOutputStream the usual Java IO way is more than sufficient. Unless you'd like to gather some image information like its dimensions and/or want to manipulate it (crop/resize/rotate/etc) of course.

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Very comprehensive answer, covering all aspects. Good job... –  Cahit Nov 12 '10 at 22:53
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