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I have a generic type:

public class Packet<T> where T : IContent
    private int id;
    public int Id { get { return this.id; } }

    private T content;
    public T Content { get { return this.content; } }

I want to deserialize/serialize instances of this type from/to XML. IContent is defined like that:

public interface IContent
    XmlSerializer Serializer{get;}

Basically, I would like the Packet to use the serializer provided by its content to serialize and deserialize its content member. This serializer is in fact an instance of a pre-compiled xml serializer generated by sgen.exe.

Is it possible without making Packet<T> implementing IXmlSerializable?

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Yes, you can implement a custom class directly with IXmlSerializable.
For more information, see this article.

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My point is I would like to avoid custom serialization using IXmlSerializable. (See last question line.) –  Romain Verdier Jan 9 '09 at 8:52

If you're using Generic Type, it is not able to generate a pre-completed XmlSerializer.

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