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I have an Android (developed on A2.2) app with following theme defined:

<style name="ProgressBar"> parent="@android:style/Widget.ProgressBar">
    <item name="android:indeterminateDrawable">@drawable/progress_medium</item>
<style name="AlertDialog" parent="@android:style/AlertDialog">
    <item name="android:fullDark">@drawable/bgr_alert</item>
<style name="MyTheme" parent="@android:style/Theme.Light.NoTitleBar">
    <item name="android:alertDialogStyle">@style/AlertDialog</item>
    <item name="android:progressBarStyle">@style/ProgressBar</item>

where 'progress_medium' drawable is my custom (blue) progressbar and 'bgr_alert' is custom (white) background.

When I show the dialog (application's theme is 'MyTheme')

protected Dialog onCreateDialog(int id) {
  progressDialog = new ProgressDialog(this);
  return progressDialog;

the dialog that shows up contains custom background (white), but the indeterministic progressBar is not visible.

On the other hand, if I set the progress drawable manually:


everything is perfect - custom background and custom progress drawable.

Any hint, why the progressBar drawable is not set implicitly by theme theme?

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Ok, I've got my answer. The problem is that Android's progress_dialog.xml layout contains explicit style for ProgressBar:

<ProgressBar android:id="@android:id/progress"
    android:layout_marginRight="12dip" />

So I have to either do the manual setting (as described above) or do completely custom dialog.

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Mark your answer as correct! Thanks you saved me sometime looking for why this was happening. –  Joseph Earl Apr 12 '11 at 12:30

I had this problem and was really hard to find the solution.

I think your are using, in your definition of MyTheme android:background:

<style name="MyTheme">
   <item name="android:background">@color/white_color</item>
   <item name=".....">value</item>

I've made the same mistake, we should use android:windowBackground and give it a color or a drawable. This way the dialogs will not be affected by your theme background.

Let me know if this solution works for you!

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