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Trying to make a simple application in rails 3.

If I create a team model with rails g scaffold team name:string && rake db:migrate, then run rake, I get success from the prebuilt tests.

If I simply add validates_uniqueness_of :name to the team model. The functional tests fail with

  1) Failure:
test_should_create_team(TeamsControllerTest) [/test/functional/teams_controller_test.rb:20]:
"Team.count" didn't change by 1.
<3> expected but was

I modified tests/fixtures/teams.yml to look like this:

    name: MyString
    name: MyString2

The test still fails.

It can't get much more basic than this; what have I missed?

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Fixtures basically represent model instances that are in the database.

If you look at the top of test/functional/teams_controller_test.rb you'll see

setup do
  @team = teams(:one)

and then in your failing functional test you'll have

post :create, :team => @team.attributes

This is what's happening: you're trying to create a new team with the same attributes as "the team fixture named :one". Since both would have the same name (since they have the exact same attributes), the uniqueness validation is failing.

Try replacing your setup block with this

setup do
  @team = teams(:one) = 'unique name'

Now you'll be creating a new team with the name 'unique name' (which isn't in the database according to the fixtures), and your test will pass.

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Thank you so much! Now I'm not sure on the real purpose of the fixtures but this helps so much. Do you know how bad I felt doing a git rm -r test ? – hometoast Nov 30 '10 at 12:01
Well, now you're on your way to tested code ;-). The purpose fixtures have is a "base scenario" for your database: you know what is in the database, so you can predict what should happen when you add/create a model and compare the actual results with asserts. But fixtures have their own set of problems, and you might want to looking into defining the contents of your database in your test with factories (such as Factory Girl). – David Sulc Nov 30 '10 at 14:07

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