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I'm trying to configure Emacs as my preferred application when the user clicks on a mailto: link.

Emacs has facilities for this:

emacs 23 on OS X: mailto links & calling compose-mail?

and I'll do it by creating a shell script that then calls emacsclient ("emacs-mailto-handler" in the previous link).

Unfortunately, when I go to Firefox, Preferences, Applications, it doesn't recognize shell scripts. Instead it wants an OS X application bundle (at least that's what I surmise).

I thus could perhaps figure out how to turn a shell script into an application bundle or figure out how to arm-wrestle Firefox into recognizing a shell script. Help? Or should I be thinking about this the other way?

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Use the OS X Automator App to run the shell script, and save the Automator Project as an App Bundle.

You can use that App Bundle as you would any other Application.

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And that worked precisely as advertised. Thanks slomojo! Right on! – jowens Nov 13 '10 at 20:27
I'm happy to help. – Slomojo Nov 13 '10 at 23:16

You can also create a native Mac OS X application from your script using Platypus, and then select it as the handler. That's what I've done to handle cases like this.

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