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It keeps having an error "Operation not allowed on non-connected sockets" on the line

var ServerStream = Connect2Server.GetStream();

And I'm not really sure why

Below is rest of the code for that function

var buffersize = 0;
var Convert2Tet = new ASCIIEncoding();
var Connect2Server = new TcpClient();
var ServerEndPoint = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Parse(""), 8801);
var ServerStream = Connect2Server.GetStream();

Console.WriteLine("Connecting to Server");

var WelcomeMessage = new byte[4096];
ServerStream.Read(WelcomeMessage, 0, 4096);


var UserCredentials = Console.ReadLine();
buffersize = Convert2Tet.GetByteCount(UserCredentials);

var Credentials = new byte[buffersize];
Credentials = Convert2Tet.GetBytes(UserCredentials);

ServerStream.Write(Credentials, 0, buffersize);
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You gotta Connect() before you can get the NetworkStream.

The documentation is usually pretty good for this kinda stuff. Under Exceptions in the help for GetStream, you'll see:

InvalidOperationException: The TcpClient is not connected to a remote host.

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