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This is a bit special:
I'm loading some HTML in string form into the WebBrowser control via the DocumentText property.
Now when I print the page with a PDF printer (Bullzip PDF Printer in my case) it always takes the URL as document name which is "about:blank".
Is there any way to change this to another value by either changing the URL property (it's read-only) or by changing the print behaviour to use another text rather than the URL as filename?

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There are a couple of options that I am aware of though my knowledge on this subject is a bit dated.

The first is to change the computer settings in Internet Options. Regardless of whether this is done by hand or through a registry change script, it is simple for the developer, but obviously not the best approach from the deployment or compatibility angles.

The next approach is to develop a custom print template. This is not fun, but is probably the most professional approach. As much as I would love to include all of the information needed on this approach in this post, it is too much to cover. Here is a good overview and good luck Googling from there.

My experience with this involved printing from the MS WebControl component used in a .NET 1.1 Winforms application to the Web Super Goo PDF converter component. Your mileage may vary.

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You can change the header and footer such that the URL property is not printed.

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The issue isn't about printing the URL, it's that the URL is used as document name (example: stackoverflow.com.pdf) – Marc Jan 14 '09 at 10:55

Try to Navigate to a URL, then cancel that via DWebBrowserEvents::BeforeNavigate

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I've tried that but it didn't work: Using C# I navigated to a URL and then in the .._Navigating event I've cancelled the navigation but the URL property is still left "null" and so "about:blank" is still used. – Marc Jan 14 '09 at 11:18

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