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I have a listbox of names, I want to click one of the names so that it is highlighted and then click a button that runs some code for the selected item. How do I call this selected item?

    private void btnEcho_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

Many thanks

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The listbox isn't very intuitive because it contains objects instead of something like ListItem, but if you just want the text you can do this:

string selectedText = listbox1.SelectedItem.ToString();
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Don't forget the null check. What if nothing is selected? Or your list contains no items? – Elie Jan 6 '09 at 16:12
String s = listbox1.SelectedItem.Value.ToString();

Don't forget to do a null check, because this will throw an error if your list is empty or if no value is selected.

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if this is a web project, you can leave off the ToString() as the Value property is a string already. – Michael Haren Jan 6 '09 at 16:09
He didn't specify, but you are correct, of course. – Elie Jan 6 '09 at 16:10
ah, it looks like the "listbox" should have clued me in that it's not an aspnet project. Sorry – Michael Haren Jan 6 '09 at 16:11

Listbox1.SelectedItem gets the actual selected item. You can then further call from SelectedItem to get other properties/methods such as SelectedItem.Text or SelectedItem.Value

If you wanted to make it all happen upon selection from the listbox (instead of pressing a button), you could just add a SelectedIndexChanged event for Listbox1 (and in ASP.NET make sure that AutoPostBack is set to TRUE)

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string str = listbox1.SelectedValue.ToString();

here you have the what value(name) selected.

if(str == null || str == string.empty) return;

and so on. you can do whatever you want; goodluck

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You're question is not clearly to me.

Example, you have a listbox of three items: A, B and C. You have, as you do with your example, a click-event. In that click-event you can use the switch-statement to handle some code for each item:

switch (listbox1.SelectedItem)
  case "A":
       // Code when select A
  case "B":
       // Code when select B
  ... (and so on).

Code is an example and not tested. See switch for more information.

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