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Poker hand string display

hi all im having a bit of a hard time figuring this question out . so if i can get any help i would greatly appreciate it. the question is ;

Create functions card_str(c) and hand_str(h) which return a string version of a card and a hand of cards, respectively. A card is a string of two characters: a rank followed by a suit. A hand is a list of cards.

>>> print card_str("Kh")
king of hearts
>>> print hand_str([’Kh’, ’As’, ’5d’, ’2c’])
king of hearts, ace of spades, five of diamonds, deuce of clubs

Thanks for your time and explaining.

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Have you used python dictionaries before? I might try something like follows.

rank_dict = {"A" : "Ace", "K" : "King", "Q" : "Queen", "J" : "Jack",....}
suit_dict = {"h" : "Hearts", "s" : "Spades", "c" : "Clubs", "d" : "Diamonds"}

Then you can do something like follows.

card_string = "Kh"
print(rank_dict[card_string[0:1]] + " of " + suit_dict[card_string[1:]])
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For card_str(c), you need to convert a combination of value and suit ('Kh', for example), and convert it into a longer string. You'll need to create lists that contain:

  1. A dictionary mapping short values (e.g. 'K' or 'A' to long names, 'King' and 'Ace')
  2. A dict mapping short suit names to full name ('c' goes to clubs, etc.)

You can then then return valdict[c[0]] + 'of' + suitdict[c[1]] (the first element in the argument's long value name + the second element in the argument's long suit name).

For hand_str(c), take the list of card names you have, and construct a new list by iterating through c and calling hand_str on each element of c. Then return your new list.

Since this is homework, I'll leave the implementation to you. If you get stuck, check out the Python docs.

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A good place to get started would be to write out some or all of the input-output pairs.

So you might begin with:

Kh king of hearts
As ace of spades

Once you have that table, you'll be able to find the commonalities; the pattern. Once you find that, code it up!

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We know the pattern already, it's fairly straight forward –  Rafe Kettler Nov 13 '10 at 4:47
We do, he doesn't... it's homework. –  Zack Bloom Nov 13 '10 at 4:56

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