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I have a Post Mode ,and a controller called happy_robot_controller,which will periodically crawl certain web sites , gather the data I am interested in , and then save to the Post Model.

skeleton of happy_robot_controller.rb:

craw the web site and get the interested data, save to title and content variables 
#save to the Model>title, :content=>content).save

Executing ruby happy_robot_controller.rb :

root@pierr-desktop:/work/web/yy/app/controllers# ruby happy_robot_controller.rb 
happy_robot_controller.rb:54: uninitialized constant Post (NameError)

How should I be able to access the Post class? Should happy_robot_controller inherits ApplicationController like PostController do?

OR, should I put happy_robot in the models/post.rb?

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It sounds like this "crawler" code should go into a rake task.

Start by creating the file RAILS_ROOT/lib/tasks/happy_robot.rake and put in the following:

namespace :happy_robot do
  task :crawl => :environment do
    # crawling code goes here>title, :content=>content).save

You can then run this code by executing rake happy_robot:crawl from the command line (within your project directory of course).

Here is a nice rake tutorial:

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