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How can we use OCR web service in android application I have use this webservice. How can i pass data using soap base web service and get response back. How can i pass request for nested XML tags ?


Please help..

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I want to point out another possibility: The WiseTrend OCR API at wisetrend.com/wisetrend_ocr_cloud.shtml - it's a REST API so should be much easier to use, and it uses the ABBYY OCR engine which is great for low-quality images (like those from mobile phone cameras). (Disclaimer: WiseTrend is my company's customer). –  Eugene Osovetsky Dec 1 '10 at 1:00

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Please check this library for Android: kSoap2.

Also, check this similar question, that offers a few other solutions: "How to call web service with Android"

Hope it helps!

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Thanks for your answer but actually i know how to use webservice with android. My question was regarding nested tags request that we have to pass. –  krunal shah Nov 17 '10 at 4:25
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Actually i got the correct answer. For nested request i wrote the below code and it worked.

   SoapObject request = new SoapObject(NAMESPACE, METHOD_NAME);

  // Add input values to SOAPObject object - request
        request.addProperty("user_name", "test");
 // Add property for nested tags        
        PropertyInfo pi = new PropertyInfo();

        pi.setValue(new SoapObject(NAMESPACE, "OCRWSSettings")
        .addProperty("ocrLanguages", "ENGLISH")
        .addProperty("outputDocumentFormat", "TXT")
        .addProperty("convertToBW", false)
        .addProperty("getOCRText", true)
        .addProperty("createOutputDocument", false)
        .addProperty("multiPageDoc", false)
        .addProperty("ocrWords", false));


    // Add property for another nested tags 

        pi = new PropertyInfo();
        pi.setValue(new SoapObject(NAMESPACE, "OCRWSInputImage")
        .addProperty("fileName", getString(R.string.file_name))

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