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So say I put some iAds in my iPad app. Assuming that I implement it via the iOS4.2 update that comes out next week.

Now, say I release my product but the majority of users haven't installed iOS4.2 in their iPads yet. Does that mean that my app will not run on their systems (meaning, my app requires iOS4.2), or does it mean that it'll run in their system (say iOS 3.2.2) but just the iAds won't show?

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Regarding making your app available on iOS 3.2 devices: Make sure to weak link iAd.framework (i.e. in your target's settings, choose 'Weak Link' next to iAd.framework) as it is not available on iOS 3.2. You should also check for availability like

if (NULL != NSClassFromString(@"ADBannerView"))
    // handle ad loading here
    // no iAds available.
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It depends how you compiled your app.

  • You can specify that an app can run on iOS 3.2.2, but can still use features of iOS 4.2, by carefully checking the availability before using these features.

  • You can also specify that your app can only run on iOS 4.2 and later; then you can use iOS 4.2 features without checking the availability.

So, it's your choice. Read this Apple document.

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