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I have developed an iPhone application based on Tab bar & Navigation bar and i have done that successfully.

now i want to create the same application with some minor different requirement on the Ipad the problem that the same Design structure i used for the iphone is not working on Ipad here is what i am doing:

 - ViewController  (login)
 - ViewController  (List of devices)

now here is the problem

 - ViewController (have tab bar view controller)

the ViewController is not calling the first tab which was successfully done in the iphone is there different between iphone tab bar based application and ipad?

[In my TabViewController]

 IBOutlet UITabBarController *TabNavigator;

connected through the xib file in my viewDidLoad handler i use:

 self.view =  self.TabNavigator.view;
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I have found the solution, Personally i don't know the logic but it's strange in the iphone I used to do the following from the Application Delegate to call the tab bar controller:

-(void) vLoadTabViewController
  for (int i = 0; i < [[window subviews] count]; i++) 
    UIView * subView = [[window subviews] objectAtIndex:i];
    [subView removeFromSuperview];

  TabNavigationViewController *ooTabNavigationViewController = [TabNavigationViewController alloc]; 
  [window addSubview:ooTabNavigationViewController.view];
  [ooTabNavigationViewController release];

When I removed the release line on the iPad everything worked fine.

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