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I want to create a text editor in Java. The editor should also create a XML file also for the text and also display it in a new tab. The editor should allow me to have the following editing functions: - selecting font. - bold, italic and underline. - qoutations - attachment (if possible) - creating lists (ordered and unordered) - paragraph alignments

The idea is to create a editor similar to HTML editors. But here the code at the background would be in XML instead of HTML.

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Cool. But what is the question? – vitaut Nov 13 '10 at 7:28
Is this homework? Do users type XML into the editor and you store it to file or is the XML being used to store metadata (font, bold, italic, etc) related to the text? – Yevgeniy Brikman Nov 13 '10 at 7:55
I voted for closing this question for the obvious fact that there's no concrete question asked here, and I don't see how this can be reasonably answered in its current form. (I don't intend to be harsh towards a new user; at the same time, I think double standards should be avoided.) – stakx Nov 13 '10 at 9:07

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