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I know there is a way to call fancybox manually with a string of html like so:


However, i want to instead pass a jQuery object to the fancybox so i can retain things like .data() and click() events i have already added:

var $fooObj = $("div.foo").data("foo","bar");

Is this possible somehow?

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You just need to set it as the content property in the options you pass into $.fancybox(), like this:

    content: $fooObj 

You can test it out here.

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Brilliant! Can't believe they don't make this more obvious in their description of the "content" property. Thanks!!! –  Abadaba Nov 15 '10 at 4:24
function LaunchFancyBox(code)
        content: code 

And in the onclick/click:

<a href="#" onclick="LaunchFancyBox('<div>test</div>'); return false;">Launch it baby</a>!
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