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I am use using to guarantee the resource cleanup. This is fine for the simple block of code. If I have a method which I need to pass the variable inside the using, can I still guarantee resource clean up?

for example,

using ( FileStream fs = -----)
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The short answer is yes. –  John Buchanan Nov 13 '10 at 8:47

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Yes. using(){} is syntactic sugar, and it will expand your code to this:

FileStream fs = -----;
try {
} finally {
    if (fs != null)

finally blocks are guaranteed to execute whether an exception is thrown or not. The only time they wouldn't be executed is in the case of a severe runtime failure, such as a stack overflow, out of memory exception, or a crash in the runtime itself.

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fs's Dispose() method will be invoked at the end of using's code block.

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Yes, it will be disposed.

See the examples on the using Statement on MSDN - the Font is created with passed in parameters.

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