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I want to retrieve the path to a single node in a hierachical database where only the parent node ID is stored as a reference. Could someone give me a query or some advice on how to write a query (ideally the first option - I'm a MySQL noob) so that all the node titles in the end node's path are given in a generated table?

id   name          depth
10   Top level     0
22   Second level  1
34   3rd level     2
43   End node      3

I want to use this data to create on of those "you are here" lists like:

Home > Forums > Stuffs > ... > Topics

Thanks for any help,


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This is only possible for a fixed number of levels, as there is no recursion in SQL.

You can convert your data structure from the "adjacency list" model you have to the so-called "nested sets" model. With that model a "find the path to the top" query is possible.

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Thanks for that. I tried using a couple of different models to no avail. I've managed to fix it with a PHP function. It's not ideal but it works. I'll look into fixing it at a later date. –  Bojangles Nov 13 '10 at 13:38

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