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I am going to use subsonic 3 in a large enterprise winform application. what i saw in my personal tests is that subsonic cannot handle complex type references well. for example if we have an ADDRESS complex type in PERSON object , as far as i saw subsonic just created the PERSON table and is not caring about the Address property of it !

i was wondering how can i solve it ?

Secondly, we have inheritance in our objects, how subsonic can handle it with table-per-subclass strategy?

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"i was wondering how can i solve it ?" Don't fight your tool. SubSonic will make "solving" this hard. Better to pick a tool that fits your project better while it's still [relatively] easy. – qes Nov 29 '10 at 23:18

SubSonic isn't well suited to these scenarios. Regarding complex types you could write a service/repository to handle saving and building these types, but there's no pre-existing way of mapping this to the database. The same goes for inheritance schemes. You might want to look at more full-featured O/RM like NHibernate or EF.

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