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I was browsing through the Java docs to look for the Java equivalent for C++'s STL Queue, but all I found was an interface called Queue and a bunch of implementations I can't make heads or tails of.

Does Java have an implementation for Queue that's just a FIFO data structure without the added bells and whistles? I only need the enqueue, dequeue and front operations and the data structure should allow duplicates.

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Queue will work. Use any implementation you like. LinkedList or ConcurrentLinkedQueue for example.

enqueue = offer(..)
dequeue = poll()
front = peek()

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That docs page lists all the classes that implement the interface. So, for instance, you can do the following (DISCLAIMER: hasn't been near a compiler):

Queue<E> q = new LinkedList<E>();

E x1 = new E();
E x2 = new E();
E x3;


x3 = q.poll();
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You can just use LinkedList. Sure, it has lots of functionality you don't need, but it's not hurting you either.

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The java.util.LinkedList class is probably what you want, and the methods would be "add", "remove", and "element".

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What you're probably looking for is a double-ended queue. See the Deque interface and it's implementing classes.

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