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Below is the code which creates 9 buttons in gridlayout form on a specific pannel3. What i want is to make the background of each button black with grey text over it. Can anyone help please?

 for(int i=1;i<=9;i++)
     p3.add(new JButton(""+i));
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Honestly, people, use an IDE. Auto-complete is one of the best ways to learn the language library, and method names are usually pretty self-explanatory. – Denis Tulskiy Nov 14 '10 at 4:36
@DenisTulskiy why was your comment necessary? – Johnny Coder Jun 2 at 2:55
@JohnnyCoder, I guess I was frustrated and it was my way of saying rtfm. I still believe it's a good advice, though :) – Denis Tulskiy Jun 2 at 4:29

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Check out JButton documentation. Take special attention to setBackground and setForeground methods inherited from JComponent.

Something like:

for(int i=1;i<=9;i++)
    JButton btn = new JButton(String.valueOf(i));
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To use RGB values:

btn[i].setBackground(Color.RGBtoHSB(int, int, int, float[]));

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for(int i=1;i<=9;i++) {
    p3.add(new JButton(""+i) {{
        // initialize the JButton directly
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Use the setBackground method to set the background and setForeground to change the colour of your text. Note however, that putting grey text over a black background might make your text a bit tough to read.

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You may or may not have to use setOpaque method to ensure that the colors show up by passing true to the method.

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Changing the background property might not be enough as the component won't look like a button anymore. You might need to re-implement the paint method as in here to get a better result:

enter image description here

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It seems that the setBackground() method doesn't work well on some platforms (I'm using Windows 7). I found this answer to this question helpful. However, I didn't entirely use it to solve my problem. Instead, I decided it'd be much easier and almost as aesthetic to color a panel next to the button.

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