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Hi I have HTML like this

    <div class="header_countrys_middle">    
    <a href="http://www.test.com" title="United States"><img src="/images/flags/us.gif" alt="us" title="United States" /></a>

I set the language like this:

setcookie("lang", "en_US"); 

But how do I set the language based on users click?

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You could be lazy and use:

 <a onClick="javascript:document.cookie='lang=en_US'"><img src=flags...>

Or use a server-side script:

 <a href="setlang.php?lang=en_US"> ..

With setlang.php being

    setcookie("lang", urlencode($_GET["lang"]));
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You could set an onclick event (and an ID to anchor element in order to select it easily)

<div class="header_countrys_middle">    
  <a href="http://www.test.com" id="lang" title="United States"><img src="/images/flags/us.gif" alt="us" title="United States" /></a>

document.getElementById('lang').onclick = function(){
  // this happens before the page changes
  setcookie('lang', 'en_US');
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