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I have a class to be saved into appengine datastore, which among others contains, a Text field (String-like appengine datatype, but not limited to 500 chars). Also a twin class which is basically the same, but is used on the client side (ie without any com.google.appengine.api.datastore.* import).

Is there any datatype, which would let me save the Text server-side field into client-Side?

A possible option would be split the Text into some Strings, but that sounds pretty ugly...

Any suggestions?

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You can call getValue() to make it a String.

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You can use Text for your persistable field. You just need to have a RPC serializer to be able to use it on the client (in GWT). Take a look at http://blog.js-development.com/2010/02/gwt-app-engine-and-app-engine-data.html, it explains how to do it.

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