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i will create a program check stock with barcode and database

what do i need to learn

What language should I use to development. And Should I use a database where.

c/c++, java, Visual C# not experience but pretty

spec check in, check out and check amount in stock


sorry for grammar

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What's wrong with Excel (or some other spreadsheet)? –  pmg Nov 13 '10 at 17:04

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Any of those languages will work. Most Barcode scanners are serial (RS-232), so you need to have the ability to connect through your language. I would suggest C# on a windows platform because the .NET platform has a well-defined serial port. Also, GUIs are pretty easy to implement.

As far as a database, you could start with a simple text database. This is basically a file where each line is an item. Make your interface to this clear, so if you need a full database later, you can easily switch them out.

Good luck

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