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I want to use the actual item from my c:forEach in a <% JavaCode/JSPCode %>. How do I access to this item?

<c:forEach var="item" items="${list}">
   <% MyProduct p = (MyProduct) ${item}; %>   <--- ???
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Don't use scriptlets (ie. the stuff in between the <% %> tags. It's considered bad practice because it encourages putting too much code, even business logic, in a view context. Instead, stick to JSTL and EL expressions exclusively. Try this:

<c:forEach var="item" items="${list}">
    <c:set var="p" value="${item}" />
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Anything that goes inside <% %> has to be valid Java, and ${item} isn't. The ${...} is JSP EL syntax.

You can do it like this:

<c:forEach var="item" items="${list}">
   <% MyProduct p = (MyProduct) pageContext.getAttribute("item"); %>   

However, this is a horrible way to write JSPs. Why do you want to use scriptlets, when you're already using JSTL/EL? Obviously you're putting something inside that <forEach>, and whatever it is, you should be able to do without using a scriptlet.

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This surely help me alot! :) I also (so far) had to mix scriplet and JSTL. Here is my case :

<c:forEach items="${row}" var="item" varStatus="status" >
                String data[][] = DB.getInstance().getDataSet("SELECT kb.bc,kb.bobot,kb.idkriteria_bobot FROM tary.kriteria_bobot kb RIGHT JOIN kriteria ON kriteria.idkriteria = kb.idkriteria RIGHT JOIN biro ON biro.idbiro = kb.idbiro WHERE biro.idbiro = " + session.getAttribute("idbiro") + " and kb.idkriteria=" + ((BobotKriteriaModel) pageContext.getAttribute("item")).idkriteria,false);
                String bobot="---", bc="---",idbobot_kriteria="-1";
                    bc = data[0][0];                    
                    bobot = data[0][1];
                                            idbobot_kriteria= data[0][2];


The following code :

((BobotKriteriaModel) pageContext.getAttribute("item")).idkriteria

is your advice! Thanks!

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