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I am hoping for some advice in partitioning my new MacBook Pro's 500GB drive. If possible I would like to create two partitions with one (the smaller) being used for Windows development, occasionally. I am not sure which Windows OS I will be installing (probably Windows 7). I will also be installing Visual Studio, and several browsers: IE, Safari, Firefox, etc.

So, the question is how small can I make this partition? Would 100GB be enough?

I am also getting a Mac mini for Windows development but I want to have an on-the-road option just in case.


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100GB would be more than enough. I have virtualbox running Windows XP with 15 GB and I have had Visual Studio 2008 installed with comfortable amounts of space left.

Windows 7 though, eats disk space. I'd say for 32-bit 25GB-30GB should be enough. For 64-bit though, I'd recommend at least 40GB.

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