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I'm using emacs for python, and I'd like to have a nice useable shell in emacs to run an interpreter alongside my editing.

Is there any better emacs shell package out there? The default shell is awful.

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You say "terminal" in the title and "shell" in the question, yet you refer to an interpreter. It's all rather confusing.

If you want a better Python interpreter than the standard (although I'd suggest you explore the features of python-mode first); check out ipython.el which will give you an IPython interface.

If you want a better terminal, try M-x ansi-term, which will give you colors, etc.

If you want a better shell, are you using eshell? You can use your standard shell with M-x shell or M-x ansi-term as above.

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That depends on what shell you are using, in GNU Emacs 23 there are at least 3 built in:

  • shell - ugly, not working tab
  • eshell - not ugly but tab not working
  • term - not ugly and seems like ipython works with all goodies in it

So you might want to try the term mode.

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In order to avoid future confusion between shell, terms and interpreters in Emacs, it might be worth reading this article first.

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Great blog link, thanks... I learned something :-) –  Nicholas Riley Nov 15 '10 at 8:10

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