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I have a Book data entity that has as an attribute an int 16 type value called numBooks. Due to the way everything is setup, I am actually grabbing the number I need inside titleForRow, and saving the value to a global variable of type NSNumber.

In titleForRow, I am setting the global in this way:

global = book.numBooks; 

If I NSLog my global variable after it is set thus, it returns to the consol the proper number value (50 depending). But, if I were to just print book.numBooks to the console, the value is quite different, 100499556.

Now, the problem is that when I take my global variable back to numberOfRowsInComponent, to use as the count of rows for a given component, there is seemingly no end to the number. I can scroll and scroll and it obviously isnt working right.

Does the uiPickerView numberOfRowsInComponent only want an int? Is it basically thinking that the value I am passing it is that 100499556?

Please help, thanks!

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[book.numBooks intValue];

You are probably seeing a pointer value for the NSNumber* book.numBooks.

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