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I have copied the header/library files from qt-mobility-source to Nokia Qt SDK. Is it possible to use Qt Mobility APIs 1.1.0 with Nokia Qt SDK running 4.6.3? I am not going to use smart installer. I am not planning to put the application in OVI store soon.

If the application is statically compiled against 4.6.3 with symbian SDK as highlighted in this post: will it work properly on the device having 4.6.3 pre-installed?

My current setup as I need guidence on this :

  1. Ovi suite for N8 - to transfer sis files and update the operating system. I have upgraded to the latest firmware and also done the factory reset of settings. Although I get a error with PIPS installer. I am not sure if I can ignore it or not.

  2. Nokia SDK that supplies 4.6.3 Qt - 1.0. It is having a mobility sis file, but when I transfer it device says: update error. I don't know why, any help would be greatly appreciated here.

  3. qt-mobility source 1.1.0-tp and 1.1.0. 3.1 - 1.1.0-tp gives header and lib files that I move to NokiaQTSdK.. 3.2 - 1.1.0 gives an error install symbian sensor based system :(


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