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What is the best tool for generating Entity Class and/or hbm files and/or sql script for NHibernate.

This list below is from, which is the best any why?

  • Moregen Free, Open Source (GPL) O/R Generator that can merge into existing Visual Studio Projects. Also merges changes to generated classes.
  • NConstruct Lite Free tool for generating NHibernate O/R mapping source code. Different databases support (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Access).
  • GENNIT NHibernate Code Generator Free/Commercial Web 2.0 code generation of NHibernate code using WYSIWYG online UML designer.
  • GenWise Studio with NHibernate Template Commercial product; Imports your existing database and generates all XML and Classes, including factories. It can also generate a web-application for your NHibernate BO-Layer automatically.
  • HQL Analyzer and hbm.xml GUI Editor
  • ObjectMapper by Mats Helander is a mapping GUI with NHibernate support
  • MyGeneration is a template-based code generator GUI. Its template library includes templates for generating mapping files and classes from a database.
  • AndroMDA is an open-source code generation framework that uses Model Driven Architecture (MDA) to transform UML models into deployable components. It supports generation of data access layers that use NHibernate as their persistence framework.
  • CodeSmith Template for NH
  • NHibernate Helper Kit is a VS2005 add-in to generate classes and mapping files.
  • NConstruct - Intelligent Software Factory Commercial product; Full .NET C# source code generation for all tiers of the information system trough simple wizard procedure. O/R mapping based on NHibernate. For both WinForms and ASP.NET 2.0.
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I think you should look at Fluent NHibernate instead. Generating mappings always gets you to the 80% mark, and you still have to customize to get what you want. Fluent-NHibernate allows you to map your entities with a compile-safe and refactor-friendly API.

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i think my hears just started palpitating i'm so excited about that. i've been hunting for a good option for L2S and haven't been really excited about NH because of the XML. thanks so much. – brady gaster Dec 10 '08 at 3:10
I would like to bring to attention that this is not a visual designer for NHibernate – Jader Dias Dec 20 '11 at 11:50
I had a very negative experience with Fluent - it got me to the 90% mark a lot of times and then left me with my pants down. My experience with another visual tool, DevArt Entity Developer, has been similar - gets me 90% of the way, and then leaves me hanging. I still haven't found a tool that works, but would warn against both of these approaches, unless you're expecting some really basic use and nothing too advanced. – Feb 1 '12 at 21:41
Mind expanding on that comment? Since fluent isn't a visual tool I don't really get your remark... I've been using fluent for a while now and haven't found anything not supported. – aeliusd Nov 12 '13 at 17:28
Link in answer is dead. – Nicholas V. Apr 15 '15 at 14:01

There a new 2.0 Beta 2 release available with lots of new features and support for fluent nhibernate, one-to-many and many-to-many mapping.

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It works! Free and open source – Jader Dias Dec 20 '11 at 12:00
lots of wrinkles in it yet.. it could use a little dev love. – Josh Robinson Oct 13 '12 at 17:28

You can try out Mindscape NHibernate Designer which installs into Visual Studio 2010. Although I havn't yet tried it.

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Single developer license = $99 – Jader Dias Dec 20 '11 at 11:48

A commercial tool to do this is Visual NHibernate. Please note that I work for Slyce Software, the company that creates Visual NHibernate.

Update: Visual NHibernate has now been open-sourced. See: the announcement

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Single developer license = $179 if alone, $299 if working for a company – Jader Dias Dec 20 '11 at 11:49

First question you need to ask yourself is why do you even need a generator. Honestly, in my experience writing hbm files is not difficult at all.

That being said, if you really don't want to write the hbm files, maybe you should look into Active Record.

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Sure I get your point and I agree with you. I just seems 95% of writing hbms is leg work and only the remaining 5% needs some thought, so I was just looking for something just to get the leg work done. – Dan Sep 3 '08 at 14:35
If your database contains enough tables, writing anything by hand is a waste of time – Bron Davies Oct 19 '11 at 19:54

I have heard some things about fluent, but never used it so I can't say. Do you have your intellisense set up for the hbm files? I just write my own xml files, but I know that's not what you're looking for.

What would you be looking for SQL scripts to do, generate tables? One of the beauties of NHibernate is its on the flay query generation, so you don't have to create SP's for all your objects.

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You should take a look at Devart's NHibernate Designer: Entity Developer for NHibernate

Note: Devart Company.

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I tried both, NConstruct lite and codesmith. I needed to get the object model from an existing database for an existing project written in VB, this is my experience:

codesmith cons:

  • does not detect inheritance between tables
  • does not map database views
  • complex usage

codesmith pros:

  • generates c# and VB
  • support for a lot of DB engines including PostgreSQL
  • Visual Studio integration

NConstruct cons :

  • does not generate VB, only c#
  • few DB engines, just SQL-Server, Oracle and MS-Access

NConstruct pros :

  • maps for views
  • autodetects some inheritance (for 1-1 relations)
  • simple

In my case NConstruct did about 60% of the work for me.

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Single developer licenses Codesmit = $299 and NConstruct = $198 – Jader Dias Dec 20 '11 at 11:55

Yes, writing hbm files is very simple.

However it is a huge pain when you have a large DB.

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