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Is it possible to use OpenCL for PowerVR SGX530 GPU device? I have to write image recognition software that would run on Droid X smartphone. Greatly appreciate if someone could provide links, references, citations, sample code.

I would appreciate if you will not vote to close this question, That would be showing arrogance, because I've checked that this question will not fall into any categories to close it. Appreciate for that too.

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It seems it is, but it depends on the SOC vendor, have a look at this:


Imagination Technologies say that the gpu has OpenCL 1.0 embedded capabilities, but it depends on the SOC vendor whether a driver is available or not

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I found that it is not possible to use OpenCL. I'd have to rewrite my algorithm to OpenGL and use shaders and vertexes - then I can gain "General Purpose" programming (welcome back to past, about 4-5 years back to be more exact).

Take a look at the following thread elaborates on what is possible and not possible to do up to date (14th of Nov,2010): link text

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I've seen this example from the folks from Nokia:


So I ask myself, is there any SDK from any mobile platform/os out there that I could use to test some of my desktop apps to an embedded app? I'd really, really appreciate to be able to program opencl on mobile/tablets systems. Vertex/fragment shader are not much of help because their specs for embedded systems do not include all the extensions we would need to rewrite our opencl code to shader.

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