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I'm trying to add a small delay in the .hover() callback before running further code. I also need to stop the timer if it exists when you hover another elem that triggers the same .hover() func. I currently have it working but it is not pretty, I'm assigning a timer to a global and sure there must be a better way to do this.

Here is what I have:

PACKAGES.activity_icons.hover(function() {

  // If a timer exists kill it here becuase we don't want the 
  // functions in the timer called if we are hovering on another icon
  if(typeof image_restore_timer != 'undefined')

  // Only swap image if icon has a class
  if($(this).attr('class') !== '')
   $(this).closest('.package').find('.left_wrap > img').hide();
   // Show the image with the same class as the icon we hovered
   $(this).closest('.package').find('.left_wrap img.'+$(this).attr('class')).show();

 }, function() {

  var this_ref = $(this);

  // Store timer in a global and restore images after a pause
  image_restore_timer = setTimeout(function() {
   (function(el) {
    el.closest('.package').find('.left_wrap img.'+this_ref.attr('class')).hide();
    el.closest('.package').find('.left_wrap > img:eq(0)').fadeIn('slow');
  }, 1000);

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You can store a timer per element (instead of a global one) using $.data(), like this:

PACKAGES.activity_icons.hover(function() {
  clearTimeout($.data(this, 'timer'));

  if(this.className === '') return;
  $(this).closest('.package').find('.left_wrap > img').hide()
                       .end().find('.left_wrap img.'+ this.className).show();
}, function() {
  var el = this;
  $.data(this, 'timer', setTimeout(function() {
    $(el).closest('.package').find('.left_wrap img.' + el.className).hide()
                       .end().find('.left_wrap > img:eq(0)').fadeIn('slow');
  }, 1000));

The other changes are just some optimizations, the main idea is store the timer using $.data() and clear that same timer. Also, clearTimeout() doesn't error with a null or already-run timer, so you can just call it with no check.

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wow awesome! Thanks – davewilly Nov 14 '10 at 0:12
@davewilly - welcome! – Nick Craver Nov 14 '10 at 0:14

You're looking for the hoverIntent plugin.

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Thanks, I did look into solutions before posting the question and came to the conclusion the hoverIntent plugin wouldn't quite work for what I need to do. – davewilly Nov 14 '10 at 0:37

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